Selected Resources


American Anthropological Association documents:

AnthroSource grant proposal
RFP requirements for Atypon
Atypon-Literatum features for AnthroSource

The AAA documents gave focus for recommendations with regard to OAIS data structures.

Open Archival Information System documents:

The following documents are necessary for the understanding of the OAIS model.

OAIS reference model 2002 - PDF
Reagan Moore et al., "Collection-Based Persistent Digital Archives--Part 1," D-Lib Magazine ( March 2000)
Digital Library Federation - Report on the Planning Year Grant For the Design of an E-journal Archive
Digital Library Federation - Harvard SIP Specification - PDF
Kelly Russell, "Digital Preservation and the Cedars Project Experience,"
Cedars Project - CEDARS final report
William LeFurgy, "Levels of Service for Digital Repositories," D-LIb Magazine (May 2002)

DSpace Documentation

DSpace System Documentation - Functional Overview
MacKenzie Smith et al., "DSpace: An Open Source Dynamic Digital Repository," DLib January 2003; DSpace
Open Society Institute: A guide to institutional repository software


Storage space trading, or "bit trading" - Cooper, Brian F. and Hector Garcia-Molina, "Peer-to-peer data preservation through storage auctions."